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- Monday 13:00 (1 hour)

- Monday 18:15 pm (1 hour 15)

- Wednesday 13:00 (1 hour)

- Wednesday 19:30 (1 hour 15)

- Thursday 6:15 pm (1 hour 15)

Most sporting and other life activity takes place on our feet, and in "Lift, Jump" the focus is on lower body strength, power and agility development, to move better and become better athletes on our feet.Our first goal is to establish basic ability in two fundamental human movements - squatting, and bending at the hip. From there we build strength, increase flexibility, and develop true athleticism.

Our primary strength tool is the barbell for squatting and deadlifting, with additional work for explosive jumping ability and single-leg training to develop skills such as the pistol or one-legged squat.