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The Original Gym, Cambridge

The Original Gym is a private gym studio in Cambridge offering one-to-one physical training, as well as small group classes for upper and lower body strength, and movement & mobility. 

Our approach combines the best of traditional, often forgotten, training methods with a contemporary understanding of health and athletic development. Our training programmes incorporate content from various physical traditions from around the world including gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, the martial arts and other body methods. Training is functional and integrated, with health as the prime goal – we help you to develop your physical potential.
Our clients come from many different walks of life, ages and backgrounds - some of our most advanced students had little to no prior weight training experience when they joined us but through commitment, hard work and perseverance have developed some excellent physical strength and mobility. Frequently, mindset is more important than what we perceive as our natural ability. Have a browse through our Instagram feed below and please get in touch if you like what you see!